To Future Residents

You are so blessed to have this time to focus on yourself and your recovery. This house is so very special to me; I have witnessed many miracles here. It will install in you the fundamentals of sobriety, and form you to be a woman with integrity. From my experience as an Edna house resident, my advice to you is to love all the women, act as their sister and be there for them. Take good care of this house, appreciate what you have, treat it as if it were God's home, for it is saving your life!

We are women early in sobriety, there will be many ups and downs, there will be days that the only thing you felt went right was that you stayed sober and that's okay. I have prayed my way through many days, but these angels in the walls kept me here, and let me know this is where I belong. You will also have some of the best times of your life here, and memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life!

The best thing about the Edna House is that you have a built in support group, utilize them, make these women part of your journey, embrace them. Be grateful you have a safe place to come home to, people that do really care about your recovery. Not everyone is blessed with this opportunity to take time out of their lives and only focus on themselves. Just remember you are worth it!!! 


- Meg
(Current Resident)

Escape Hatch