A Bittersweet Thank You

This is definitely a bittersweet time for me. There is no way I can express my gratitude in words, so I will continue to put into action all that was taught to me while here. Thank you so very much for your dedication and all that you do “behind the scenes”. This is definitely a God given program!

When I made the decision to come back here, I had zero hope or faith that I could do this. I just couldn't stay in that life for another minute. Everyone here loved me and surrounded me until that hope and faith slowly returned. I started to feel and remember how amazing it feels to be sober and genuinely care for other people. This is not my first, second, or third time here and I have never completed successfully! I became determined to become alumni and here I am!!

I could never repay all this house has given me! I look forward to coming back and doing whatever I can do to keep this miracle alive! Thank you so very much again and you will be seeing me often. Leaving here successfully is hands down my greatest accomplishment!!

Tons of love,

- Cheryl

Escape Hatch