2018 capital campaign

Enhancement & Expansion


helping more women in our community

The Edna House began in a small suburban bungalow with 6 residents and a determination to meet the needs of women suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs.  We have slowly grown first into a larger home…then two homes side by side, then to the Convent of St. Colman’s Church in 2006. In 2009 we also added a single family home as Phase III of our program for women who have completed the initial 6 month program, but want the opportunity to extend their support while increasing their independence.

Even though we have multiplied our capacity 8 times over, our waiting list still hovers between 10 and 20 women at any given time.
That’s 10 – 20 mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who are willing to accept help to escape the pit of addiction…who we are unable to help. 

The goals for the Capital Campaign in 2018 are two-fold:


Purchase the convent and school building of St. Colman's Church to create areas for group meetings, activities, training, and housing for sixteen additional women.


Update the Edna House's electrical systems, renovate the kitchen, update bathrooms, and improve the general aesthetics of the house.




Ways to support the campaign



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