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I am honored to have been asked to make the first blog entry for the Edna House for Women! When we started The Edna House, we had a simple vision and had no way of knowing the adventure on which we were embarking. We wanted to provide women who truly wanted sobriety the opportunity to achieve it. We were confident that if we could just get a sober house, the recovering women in the community could take it from there. And the community has, most certainly, taken it from there! Several expansions and almost 200 sober alumni later, and the Edna House is going strong and getting better every day. We are on the front lines against this disease of addiction, and continually strive to respond when there is a need. Our wait list continues to grow, so we are working hard to double our capacity. We aim to provide more detoxification services for those who need them and would like to provide long-term sober housing for women who have graduated the program. Words cannot describe what I have experienced at the Edna House these past ten years. The challenges have been great, and the victories even better. I thank everyone for their support and look forward to a bright future for the Edna House for Women!

Erin Becker, Co-founder and Chairperson of the Board of Directors

One thought on “Welcome to Edna House’s New Site

  1. Kim Schafer-Brown

    Our daughter is currently in the program. She has been to others in the past- some wonderful and full of direction and promise; others just spoke the right language, but did not have much lasting value, except making money. But now, she is inspired, she is receiving in depth care, taking the necessary time to work through the challenges she has with the past and will in the future. This program and the length of time she can be in will make the difference. It has been a long time since I have heard her voice ring true. Today is her birthday, she has much to celebrate and a bright future…The Edna House is the best gift she and our family could have ever received. Thank you, each of you for the love, dedication and wisdom she and we are receiving. With peace and love – Gregg and Kim Schafer-Brown


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