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An extension of The Edna House for Women, The Edna Boutique serves her Mother organization and the community in several ways:

  •    We provide job skills training for our Edna House residents.
  •    We offer quality, affordable goods for the community.
  •    We exemplify values of  generosity, purpose and self-support.

The Edna House for Women is blessed to have many generous benefactors.  Our supporters provide countless volunteer hours, financial and social support, and a great variety of goods and services.  Once our residents’ needs are met, the remaining saleable items are sold at the Edna Boutique.

For many years now, when the ladies of the Edna House receive a compliment on an outfit that came from supporter donations, we would smile and say,” It’s from the Edna Boutique!”  Now the Edna Boutique is a real, brick-and-mortar creation. The designer/vintage clothing section of our store is named Nanci’s Nook in honor of our dear friend, Nanci Sommer who passed away in February, 2013.  Nanci was well known for her sense of style and, after she passed away, her family donated her clothing to The Edna House for Women.  Nanci’s Nook is our homage to our dear friend who – even now – keeps making the world a more beautiful place.

Because we all deserve a second chance to be beautiful.

How did it all begin?  Our Story… “The Edna Boutique” was the nickname for the room where clothing donations were kept at The Edna House for Women.  The ladies would be able to treasure hunt in these donations.  Whether it is out of necessity for those that come to us with little more than the clothing on their backs, because they are back to a healthy weight now that they are sober and need to change sizes, or just to bolster their self-esteem, the ladies have all shared adoration for “The Edna Boutique” over the years.

Since its inception in 2004, our mission is quite simple: The Edna House for Women is dedicated to providing means and opportunity to women affected by alcohol and drug addiction so that they may achieve total abstinence by developing mentally, spiritually and emotionally through a blend of 12 step recovery, life and career training, volunteerism and therapeutic interventions.

Our objective is to support them by providing a safe atmosphere where they can build a foundation and ongoing support to last a lifetime. Our vision is that every woman who desires a life free from drugs and alcohol has the opportunity to achieve it. We aim to do this by making life-saving detox services more available, multiplying our capacity of women we can serve, and creating long-term sober living to reduce the risk of relapse.

The idea of extending Edna Boutique to the public came after our Board Chair paid a visit to the Harbor Light Complex of the Salvation Army and found that their operation was funded primarily by proceeds from their store.  The Edna Boutique would give us a venue for job skills training and employment for our residents, as well as a revenue stream to help defray the $30,000/month operating costs of the sober living facilities.

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM

9716 Madison Ave. Cleveland OH 44102

Phone: 216.713.1796


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