Give a hand up


One of the primary barriers a woman faces once she's exited a recovery program are the economic means of which she has to take care of herself and the obligations from her "old life". Residents of The Edna House who have successfully made it through our program are reformed. They are responsible, respectful, joyful people that are ready to start a new life and spread the joy and lessons they have learned. As part of our program, residents spend a minimum of 3 months working while gaining job skills through our in-house programming- some also earn degrees.

In fact, our alumnae have gone on to take many roles in the community such as:

  • Physical Therapist

  • Electrician

  • Police Dispatcher

  • Physical Education Teacher

  • Child Counselor

  • Restaurant Server

  • Sales Manager

We're confident that both women in our program and graduates alike, display a sense of loyalty, dedication, and aptitude for careers of all kinds. All they need is a hand up.

We have had the pleasure, during the past several years, to employ many of these women. Watching these ladies grow has truly been a blessing. You will not find a harder working, more reliable group of individuals. The gratitude and dedication they have demonstrated has impressed our company beyond words.
— Toni Wick, American Commodore

For more information about hiring our residents please call our office:

@ 216-281-7751