Community Involvement

These are perilous times on the streets of our communities. According to the Centers for Disease Control, excessive alcohol use is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. According to the Heroin Task force of Cuyahoga County, four deaths occur in Ohio each day from drug overdose. Each person afflicted with alcoholism or addiction adversely affects the life of at least 4 persons around her. This disease has woven its web throughout our communities, and The Edna House for Women diligently works to help women break free. By doing so, we are returning these women to their rightful places as women of honor within our communities.

Each woman passing through the Edna House is touched by your generosity as donors – a debt they can never truly repay. We impart to them our philosophy to “Pay It Forward.” During their stay here, each resident becomes involved in our missions to help the community.

We assist in any way we can with tasks throughout the campus of St. Colman’s Church. Our outreach helps to provide clothing and food to other organizations in the during seasons of abundance with the assistance of organizations like Trials for Hope. Our ladies have been called upon to be of service to elderly and incapacitated persons in helping them move, cleaning their homes, and delivering meals. It is not uncommon to see our ladies walking down the side streets near our home picking up litter.

Our outreach extends into the community at large with events like our Race to Recovery, mobilizing people to increase awareness and solidarity within the recovery community. Our job readiness programs will soon include the Edna Boutique – a resale shop designed not only to teach skills and raise funds, but to provide clothing to people in need within our community at affordable prices.