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Meet Andrea!

Since taking the position as Executive Director of the Edna House, I am often asked how I like my position, so I thought it fitting to write about it in my first blog post. For those who are not aware I am also an alumnus of this amazing program.

DSC_4635To start with, when I came to Edna for help in August of 2005 all I knew was that I could no longer live the way I had lived for the previous 25+ years. I had lost all hope and my mind as my life spiraled out of control. When I arrived at the doors of the Edna House I didn’t think I would ever be able to get sober again. The last thought on my mind was working anywhere especially the Edna House. I was just trying to make it through one day at a time sober and useful. As the months passed and I was taught how to live sober, I found that I had a passion for helping those like myself. I went to college, began my journey and continued to volunteer my time at the Edna House. No one was more surprised than me when I got the phone call in August of 2012 offering me the position as Executive Director.

judi and andrea 2006

My position at the Edna House is truly a dream come true. There were times when Judi and I were residents and we would talk about running our own sober house some day as we sat in the front office helping out.

I have never had a job where I woke up and looked forward with joyful anticipation to what the day would bring. I love watching how it is all brought together by the very visible hand of God! We are often told what a great job we are doing but those of us who are currently manning the helm know we are simply the vessels God is using at this time. All credit goes to our supporters and God, who has kept the doors open for the last 10 years.  I am also very grateful for the women who came before us in these positions and the fact that they are there every step of the way walking shoulder to shoulder with us as the organization continues to grow. I had always known that the Edna House was a special place but now I see just how magical it is every day.

In closing, I invite all of you to share your experiences on the magic and miracles you have witnessed since becoming a part of the Edna House family

Welcome to Edna House’s New Site

I am honored to have been asked to make the first blog entry for the Edna House for Women! When we started The Edna House, we had a simple vision and had no way of knowing the adventure on which we were embarking. We wanted to provide women who truly wanted sobriety the opportunity to achieve it. We were confident that if we could just get a sober house, the recovering women in the community could take it from there. And the community has, most certainly, taken it from there! Several expansions and almost 200 sober alumni later, and the Edna House is going strong and getting better every day. We are on the front lines against this disease of addiction, and continually strive to respond when there is a need. Our wait list continues to grow, so we are working hard to double our capacity. We aim to provide more detoxification services for those who need them and would like to provide long-term sober housing for women who have graduated the program. Words cannot describe what I have experienced at the Edna House these past ten years. The challenges have been great, and the victories even better. I thank everyone for their support and look forward to a bright future for the Edna House for Women!

Erin Becker, Co-founder and Chairperson of the Board of Directors