Alumnae Spotlight – Sarah M.

Being newly sober, all of my emotions were raw and I was extremely uncomfortable.  About a month after I had arrived at the Edna House, I went to the chapel and just cried.  I cried like I had never been able to before, and I asked God to help me.  I told Him I’d do anything – just please help me.  I was surrendering my will and my life over to the care of God.

A few days later, I realized that I wasn’t obsessing over things that were once bothering me.  I finally believed I would be ok.  I listened in group to the wonderful sober women and absorbed their wisdom they shared based on their own experiences.  Because of God, the AA Program and the Edna House, I have learned not only to live a sober life, but a good life.

I have made great strides at repairing my relationships with my family.  At one point, my addiction forced my mother to tell me , “Don’t ever call me again.”  It was a devastating blow, but it forced me to take responsibility for myself and grow up.  Today I have so much gratitude for her and for the courage it took for her to do that.  My mom and I are closer today than we have ever been.  The major difference from the past versus the present is that I see how much I took her love, compassion and help for granted.  And today we talk three times a day!

Since completing the program last February, I have stayed connected to the Edna House – facilitating groups and now sponsoring three women.  In short – I am giving back what was freely given to me.

Thank you to everyone who supports this program that has changed my life and given me back to my family!

– Sarah M., President, Edna House Alumni Association