Our History

In the summer of 2003, Erin Becker and Nancy O’Donnell met a young woman named Linda who wanted desperately to be sober, but faced an uphill battle due to her current life circumstances. She was living in an abusive home with someone who was actively using drugs and alcohol. She had nowhere else to go, with no money or insurance to seek treatment and no referral from the judicial system. All she had was an honest desire to stay sober, and so she was left in these circumstances with little hope of recovery.

Erin and Nancy knew that if Linda had a safe, sober and supportive place to stay with other women in recovery, she would be able to beat this disease. Without it, she had little hope to survive.

This encounter lit a fire in their hearts and they sought the counsel of Jack Mulhall. Jack is a legend in the recovery community and worked for nearly 40 years running sober living facilities before his passing in 2009. You can read more about Jack here.

Jack remained an instrumental part of the development of our mission, and his spirit surely lives on within our walls. The Edna House began in February of 2004 with simply an idea and a prayer.

The Cleveland community has shown amazing support, providing access to everything The Edna House has needed over the years; attorneys, plumbers, accountants, police officers, firefighters, and members of 12-step recovery have generously donated their time and energy.

We have grown considerably over the years in numbers and reputation, and are a true force in the recovery community. We have helped over 1,200 women and their families, and astoundingly, the majority of the women who have completed our program remain sober today. Our alumnae are a driving force behind the mission and vision of the Edna House.

Our current staff is made up several recovered alumna. Our alumni association currently boasts over 250 active members and meets monthly to plan family events and fundraisers and to foster the sisterhood among them.